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The Internet has become one of the most-used, most valuable tools in the world of communication. More and more people and companies use the Internet for research, exchanging ideas and many other activities. We understand the great value of the Internet, thus are using it to offer better service to our clients. Our Internet site consists of two separate areas:

Public area: The public area is the section you are taken to upon entering the our web address (the URL -

Universal Resource Locater): www.wadiahcapital.com in a browser. This area is available to all users and includes general information about the bank, including who we are and our products and services. It also includes a link to the private area.

Private area: The private areas is the section of our website with restricted access. It is exclusively for clients that have requested and accepted the On line banking system user agreement. This section is protected by several security measures, including the user name and password that identify each system user. The information included in this area is confidential and personalized for each client.

Data security is Wadiah Capital's highest priority in our on-line banking activity. We are committed to maintaining a high level of security for our systems in order to maximize the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our clients' data. That is why we have included the most advanced security tools available in current technology in our Internet banking service.